Easing the Bench’s Transition to Technology

By: Brad Smith, Sr. Justice Consultant, ImageSoft Ready for an electronic solution? Designing technology that is easy to use and understand begins with these steps: Involve stakeholders who are candidates to use the technology solution; seek their input in design and functionality Understand their exact requirements Engineer the technology with features that eliminate stress and … Continue reading Easing the Bench’s Transition to Technology

They Are Coming – You Better Build It (A slight variation of the theme from Field of Dreams)

Peter Kiefer, Civil Court Administrator for the Maricopa Superior Court, and Phil Knox, the General Jurisdiction Courts Administrator, are engaged in a Court Futures study for the National Association of Court Managers (NACM) and last summer they addressed the American Institute of Architects.  The architects know they will have to design the courthouses and related … Continue reading They Are Coming – You Better Build It (A slight variation of the theme from Field of Dreams)

After the Dust Settles

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting a couple of courts that have been working with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for several years.  It is always interesting and informative to see how any new system, and particularly one that involves major paradigm shifts, is working after the "shakedown" phase has passed and the bloom is … Continue reading After the Dust Settles

It’s the Journey

On one level, review of the Seven Wastes[i] set forth by Taichii Ohno gives a vision of the Promised Land where all Waste has been eliminated and all activity is productive and generates value.  Anyone currently living in such a place, please contact me and include directions.  A not uncommon reaction (prevalent in, but certainly … Continue reading It’s the Journey