Star Trek, Component Model and ECM

By Kevin Ledgister, Marketing Manager, ImageSoft As a Star Trek fan, I grew up watching the original series and one of my favorite episodes was one where a transporter accidentally launched Captain Kirk into a parallel universe. It intrigued me that two separate universes had the same people, the same spaceship, but very different cultures … Continue reading Star Trek, Component Model and ECM

eFiling: Audit Trail and Confidentiality

This is Part 10 of 10 in the eFiling Blog Series, check out Part 9 here. To conclude this eFiling series, let's look back at a few pieces posted in the past that dealt with the enhancement of both the audit trail and the control over confidentiality offered by eFiling. Audit Trail One of the … Continue reading eFiling: Audit Trail and Confidentiality

Stalking the Wily Electronic Documents

I am STILL surprised when I hear that some judges question whether eSignatures can be as trustworthy as "wet-ink" signatures. In law school I somehow missed the course that conferred "expert handwriting analyst" status; but maybe that was just one of my many oversights. I mean, really? Leave aside all other arguments: How many people … Continue reading Stalking the Wily Electronic Documents

The Back End of eFiling

Make no mistake: I have been an avid proponent of eFiling for decades. In fact, my enthusiasm for eFiling and mandatory eFiling at that, predated eFiling's actual readiness for prime time by more than a few years. It would be a total mistake to take anything I say here as a criticism of eFiling. With … Continue reading The Back End of eFiling

Armor Up: Electronic Court Tools for Judges

Recently I saw an exhibit of a fully equipped Roman Legionnaire from the early Roman Empire. All that stuff – armor, sword, shield, spear – sure looked heavy. Interesting enough in itself; but later that day, I happened to see a picture of a fully outfitted American soldier in battle gear. And I thought, "Hmmm..." … Continue reading Armor Up: Electronic Court Tools for Judges

When E.T. Can’t Phone Home

As court implementations of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems move past installation and into maturity in their lifecycles, the "Give A Mouse A Cookie" syndrome gets stronger and stronger. That’s because as a robust ECM system with configurable workflow can do so much more, we feel entitled to EXPECT it to do more. Today, let's … Continue reading When E.T. Can’t Phone Home

Notes from NACM

Best line of last month’s National Association of Court Managers (NACM) Mid-Year Conference in Savannah, coming late on the last day, as everyone with return flight connections through Savannah or Charlotte (essentially, everyone who wasn't from Savannah) remained riveted to their flight status updates on their smartphones, universally finding their flights cancelled: Speaker: "You know … Continue reading Notes from NACM

Bye, Bye, Blankie

I recently had the privilege of co-presenting a session on Court Document Retention in Michigan with Kevin Bowling, Court Administrator for Ottawa County Circuit Court in Michigan.  I played Sancho Panza to Kevin's Don Quixote.  The windmill against which Kevin has led the charge for years is Michigan's requirement that court documents with a retention … Continue reading Bye, Bye, Blankie

ECM Support for Court Performance Measurement: M6 – Reliability and Integrity of Case Files

Recently I discussed the desirability of measuring court performance, and how Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with workflow can be expected to deliver dramatic improvements in File Retrieval,[1] the first of three parts of CourTools Trial Court Performance Measure Six (M6), Reliability and Integrity of Case Files. The other two standards under M6 are Content Reliability … Continue reading ECM Support for Court Performance Measurement: M6 – Reliability and Integrity of Case Files

Stuck in Traffic

According to a recently released annual survey , in 2011 traffic congestion caused urban Americans to spend an additional 5.5 billion hours more and to purchase an extra 2.9 billion gallons of fuel. That apparently adds up to $121 billion spent sitting around in cars making no progress. Kudos to Texas A&M Transportation [1] for not … Continue reading Stuck in Traffic