Stalking the Wily Electronic Documents

I am STILL surprised when I hear that some judges question whether eSignatures can be as trustworthy as "wet-ink" signatures. In law school I somehow missed the course that conferred "expert handwriting analyst" status; but maybe that was just one of my many oversights. I mean, really? Leave aside all other arguments: How many people … Continue reading Stalking the Wily Electronic Documents

A Brief Memo from the Future

Like Billy Pilgrim, in Kurt Vonnegutt's Slaughterhouse Five, I sometimes become "unstuck in time.” So it was that I recently came across an article I wrote in early 2019. Oops, that's five years from now. I really need to clean up my filing system... Still, it did catch my attention, and since it deals with … Continue reading A Brief Memo from the Future

The Costco Conundrum – Supply Inventory

Note:  This blog is the second in a series on the “Seven Wastes of Muda”.  As most families with fewer kids than Mother Hubbard know, the problem with Costco is that the 64-ounce jug of ketchup is awkward to handle, takes up a lot of room in the refrigerator and may spoil before you finish … Continue reading The Costco Conundrum – Supply Inventory