The Coming Wave – Preparing for Big Data

For those who aren't sitting around contemplating the nature, trajectory, and implications of Big Data and Deep Learning, know that you are not alone. I'm pretty sure they haven't yet hit the top of the cocktail circuit or social media current topics listings. Which in some respects is interesting; because we are currently becoming immersed … Continue reading The Coming Wave – Preparing for Big Data

Thinking Digitally

It takes all types to make a world, so perhaps there are people who actually appreciate and/or read the popups that read something like "By checking this box I acknowledge I have read and agree to the User Agreement..." [consisting of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of virtual pages of indecipherable gobbeldy-gook]. Of course, in order … Continue reading Thinking Digitally

Black Belt: Learning to Learn

The term "Martial Arts" may seem strange to those who have never pursued them. To those who have, however, the term makes perfect sense. Karate, judo, tai-chi, kung-fu, and myriad others, are indeed arts, requiring years of dedicated study and practice to master. That's not to say that there is no benefit at the front … Continue reading Black Belt: Learning to Learn

eFiling: Audit Trail and Confidentiality

This is Part 10 of 10 in the eFiling Blog Series, check out Part 9 here. To conclude this eFiling series, let's look back at a few pieces posted in the past that dealt with the enhancement of both the audit trail and the control over confidentiality offered by eFiling. Audit Trail One of the … Continue reading eFiling: Audit Trail and Confidentiality

The Art and Folly of Prediction

Go to any court conference these days and you'll find that a main topic, if not THE main topic, is "change." In my previous post, I discussed my sense that the rate of change occurring in the courts surpasses almost all current expectations. A part of me hopes I'm wrong. However, I'm keeping that part … Continue reading The Art and Folly of Prediction

Before the Tide Goes Out

As the Great Recession finally starts to recede, one interesting and potentially important dynamic is taking shape in the form of generational shift. During the recession, two things happened to court staffing. On the one hand, many Boomers delayed retirement in the face of substantial losses in their stock-market heavy portfolios, drop in their home … Continue reading Before the Tide Goes Out

The Fact Is, It’s a Better Record

You know the monkeys are winning when even the dinosaurs start betting on and rooting for them. An interesting debate between those involved in the medical field and those involved in the legal field is over who is more technologically change-averse -- doctors or judges? It's one of those neck-and-neck races in which it's difficult … Continue reading The Fact Is, It’s a Better Record

Ditch the Training Wheels with Electronic Content Management

On hearing of a particular court's experiences with implementing a new information system recently, I was reminded of a scene from Carl Sagan's science fiction classic, Contact. In the story, an advanced civilization has sent specifications for construction of a craft to permit communications. The specifications call for a sphere, the interior of which is … Continue reading Ditch the Training Wheels with Electronic Content Management

Mrs. Wormer’s Coat

In one of the numerous classic scenes from "Animal House", future gynecologist to the stars Eric Stratten finds himself in his dorm room with the evil (and clueless) Dean Wormer's very inebriated and forward wife.  Mindful of the lady's need for some class, he chivalrously takes her elegant dress coat from her with great fanfare.  … Continue reading Mrs. Wormer’s Coat

They Are Coming – You Better Build It (A slight variation of the theme from Field of Dreams)

Peter Kiefer, Civil Court Administrator for the Maricopa Superior Court, and Phil Knox, the General Jurisdiction Courts Administrator, are engaged in a Court Futures study for the National Association of Court Managers (NACM) and last summer they addressed the American Institute of Architects.  The architects know they will have to design the courthouses and related … Continue reading They Are Coming – You Better Build It (A slight variation of the theme from Field of Dreams)