Attending the National Association for Court Management Conference Debrief and Dancing at the Library of Congress

By: Josh Townsend, Account Executive, ImageSoft Washington, D.C. – hands down – is one of the prettiest and most tourist friendly cities in the world. It’s just one of the many reasons why we enjoyed the recent annual conference of the National Association for Court Management, this year held in conjunction with the International Association … Continue reading Attending the National Association for Court Management Conference Debrief and Dancing at the Library of Congress

What the “Third Wave” Means for Court Technology

By Dave Hawkins, CEO, ImageSoft I attended the Inc. magazine GrowCo Conference in New Orleans last month. Somewhere between the seafood gumbo, the crawfish étouffée, and the jumbalaya, Steve Case of AOL fame served up a prophetic message based on his newly revised book, The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of the Future. The title … Continue reading What the “Third Wave” Means for Court Technology

Too Good To Pass Up

The Time: The 13th Century A.D. The Place: Western Europe The Government: The Holy Roman Empire The Legacy Technology: Vellum and Parchment The New (well, to Europe, anyway) Technology: Paper The Law: No Document on Paper May Be Considered An Official Document While it may be true that I have — to put it charitably … Continue reading Too Good To Pass Up

Background Buzz (More reflections from NACM)

Despite the undisputed convenience and lower cost of online and virtual conferences, there will always be hard to replicate benefits from live conferences. Good conferences, in addition to the material presented, include networking and information exchanges that occur outside of and ancillary to the formal sessions. Moreover, I have found that most court conferences (and … Continue reading Background Buzz (More reflections from NACM)

What Is An “EFM”, and Why Should I Care?

When I first started watching Star Trek, which was well after it was cancelled, I didn't see them in order and had no background as to the "universe" in which the stories were supposedly taking place.   Among other things, I used to chuckle at the fact that everyone, aliens of all stripes, as well as … Continue reading What Is An “EFM”, and Why Should I Care?

Court Document Retention

In the interest of full disclosure, let me say, up front, that I believe both ends of the Court Document Retention discussion will be laid to rest and ultimately forgotten over the next five to 10 years, if not sooner. By "both ends" I mean, first, the question of "In what medium (paper, microfiche, or … Continue reading Court Document Retention


One of the interesting factoids about progress is that in the nineteenth century, ninety-seven percent of the population was engaged in producing and distributing food for everybody.  By the mid-twentieth century, the figure was down around three percent.  Note that the population during that time had more than quadrupled.   However you look at it, an … Continue reading Progress

Gazing Into the Crystal Ball

I recently responded to a survey that asked, among other things, what drivers might affect Paper On Demand becoming close to universal in courts by the year 2025. Given the difficulty of predicting what is likely to happen next week, attempting to make predictions over ten years out seems to be hypothetical in the extreme. … Continue reading Gazing Into the Crystal Ball