Big Name Break-Ups

Have you seen the new movie Stan & Ollie? Trailers and previews hint at betrayal and disharmony behind the beloved façade of the iconic comedy duo. It’s the same story with other big-name celebrity duos hit hard by public breakups: Lewis and Martin, Sonny and Cher, Simon and Garfunkel, McCartney and Lennon, Mario Impemba and … Continue reading Big Name Break-Ups

From Crime to Courtroom: Multi-media Integrity

In a recent article from “Police Chief,” video evidence is described as the “silent witness that speaks for itself,” and that’s nothing but the truth. With the video, images, audio and metadata needed to playback crime scenes, it’s critical that multi-media evidence can be unmistakably seen and heard by the entire courtroom. Many organizations, homeowners … Continue reading From Crime to Courtroom: Multi-media Integrity

Weathering Shallow Roots

If you’ve ever taken a stroll through a woodsy path, you’ve probably been over towered by some pretty time-worn trees. And if you’ve endured a heavy wind storm, you’ve probably seen some neighbors’ trees come towering down. So why is it that certain trees can weather years’ worth of wind, storms and other natural disturbances … Continue reading Weathering Shallow Roots

If Velocity Were A Bumper Sticker

Forest P. Gill is credited with inventing the bumper sticker in the late 1940s after the screen printer found himself with an oversupply of adhesive-backed stickers and fluorescent paint following World War II. Sources can’t verify what exactly it said (if anything), but it’s sad to think he missed the trademark “Run, Forest, Run!” At … Continue reading If Velocity Were A Bumper Sticker

February’s Resolutions for Insurers

The LifeHack website posted a blog recently called Why You Should Start Your New Year in February. It resonates for many reasons. For parents, the New Year starts in September when the kids go back to school. For some companies, the fiscal year starts in October or June, so January is more of the same. … Continue reading February’s Resolutions for Insurers

C is for CJIS

And criminal justice. And compliance. Coincidence? Clearly not. Okay, we’re done being clever. After all, criminal justice information services (CJIS) is no joke. An Acronym I Should Know? Do you interact with, manage, or otherwise handle criminal justice information (CJI)? Then “yes!’” CJIS compliance was established and is currently enforced by the FBI. Compliance ensures … Continue reading C is for CJIS

A #TenYearChallenge for Government

If you’ve scrolled through social media at all in the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen friends and family, celebrities, and even some of your favorite retail and fast-food chains participate in the #TenYearChallenge. Many of them made us laugh. Some invoked a tasteful sense of nostalgia while pointing to 10 years of stagnancy as … Continue reading A #TenYearChallenge for Government

For Insurance Companies, These 5 Truths are Self-Evident

With President’s Day coming up, we’re stealing Thomas Jefferson’s words from the Declaration of Independence about self-evident truths. The truth is, insurance companies must upgrade their systems to take advantage of technology advances to eliminate paper once and for all. Customers are looking for an “Amazon-like” experience as manual, or outdated, processes are inefficient and … Continue reading For Insurance Companies, These 5 Truths are Self-Evident

Her Name is CORA, and She’s the Future of Courts

She can answer FAQs about any courthouse. She helps you search court dockets. She can even direct court visitors to where they need be, and she can do it all in either English or Spanish. Who is she? CORA, the Court-Operated Robotic Assistant, is the first robotic solution designed for a court setting. Named after … Continue reading Her Name is CORA, and She’s the Future of Courts

696 Construction is Complete. Now Let’s Talk Planning & Public Works!

At first glance, last Monday was just like many January Mondays in Michigan: gray… cold… we even started the morning with freezing rain. Despite these dreary conditions, however, many Michiganders were smiling through their commutes and probably arriving at work a little earlier than usual to high-five their co-workers. Why so chipper for a Monday? … Continue reading 696 Construction is Complete. Now Let’s Talk Planning & Public Works!